Sunday, September 2, 2012

Night Hike - Spiders

Just got back from a late night hike.  Very sticky and buggy tonight.  I was hoping to see some other species of snakes, other than fox, but I'm not complaining.  No snakes tonight, so I focused my camera on some smaller critters whose eyes show bright in the light....wolf spiders.  They are absolutely everywhere!  I was hoping to find some large Dolemedes tenebrosus fishing spiders, but no luck.  I did find a couple of other species with little surprises.

The wolf spider below is, I believe, a part of the genus Hogna.  I have a difficult time narrowing down wolf spiders.  However, the tank-like build of Hogna fits this example pretty well.  It looks big, but in reality, it is only about an inch long.  I guess that might be big to some folks.

The other species I found was the rabid wolf spider, genus rabidosa.  I already posted a photo of this spider the other night, but this one had some nice little surprises along with it.....

Rabid Wolf Spider with Babies

Babies a Little Closer

It's been really nice getting out this week.  I hope I can keep up with the frequency of hiking that I have.  One more day off!

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