Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's It All About?

Hey Folks, this is my first post of my new blog.  The intention of this blog is to take a look at the wild side of the Hennepin Canal and all of the natural wonders that it holds.  Every day, hundreds of people take to the canal paths to walk, run, bike, fish, etc., but may miss the amazing flora and fauna that it holds.

Most of my hikes and bike trips take place on the Hennepin Canal around the Geneseo/Atkinson area, but I often wander east and west of here to see what different things the canal will reveal.  It is amazing how different things are near Wyanet in comparison to here.

Hopefully I'll be able to share some things about the wildlife of the canal and interest others to explore it further.  It is not really viewed as a wild place, but once you see what really lives there, I think most would change their minds.

More mammals, bugs, flowers, tracks, and bones to come.  Please feel free to comment and discuss this gem of a place, especially if you know it personally.  I would love to hear from other canal explorers out there, and possibly even meet up and compare notes, photos, and maps.

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