Monday, August 27, 2012

Night Hike

It's time to start patrolling the canal at dusk and dark.  As it begins to get cooler, the snakes will begin laying on the paved walkway to get some heat.  Tonight it was not quite cool enough, but still I had a very nice hike.  Mr. Beaver greeted me 3 or 4 times with the thundering slap of the tail, and my face is still covered with spider webs crossing the trail as I walked.

I love the night sounds!  They really get the imagination going, although I take more pride in knowing exactly what is making a sound without seeing it.  It is really a learning experience to turn the light off and just hike by moonlight.

Anyway, enough babbling!  There really wasn't much to see tonight, but I did get a couple of different young bullfrogs on jpg.

I also stumbled across this whole opossum skeleton along the trail.  It is odd that it was on the canal trail, and away from the road.  It always amazes me when something like this completely decays without being disturbed.  I guess I would not eat opossum either:......or would I? :))

More night hiking trips to come.  Hopefully some snakes will grace me with their presence, as well as some tree frogs.  Anything will do, as long as it makes a decent picture.

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