Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Night Hike Again

At dusk, I was greeted by the best sound in nature....coyote's howling!  I love to listen to them communicate.  Two packs were going back and forth, one of which was quite close to me.  I just turned my headlamp off, sat on the ground and listened.  It sounded like the pack closest to me had some pups in it, but without seeing them, it is difficult to tell.  I would love to know what each yip and howl means.

Coyotes are much better looking!

As stated in my post last night, the reason for going out on night hikes for me is to find snakes, and tonight I did find one!  A gorgeous Western Fox Snake was hunting along the canal path just in time for me to see it.  He wasn't too happy with me, but he posed for a couple of shots and went on his merry way.  Fox snakes are harmless, although they do bite.  When threatened, they rapidly vibrate their tail on the ground or leaf litter.  Mimicking a rattlesnake is a great way to ward off predators, but it is unfortunately a great way for them to die.  People kill them on site, not only because they are a snake, but because they think it could be a rattler.  Very unfortunate, even if it was a rattlesnake. 

I would imagine that this little guy was after the main food source that I am seeing along the path......frogs!  Little bullfrogs are everywhere.  I'm actually surprised that I am not seeing more snakes simply because of this readily available food source.  Here's a couple more photos to add to last night's frog pics.

Until tomorrow night.....yes I will be out again.  I have a new headlamp coming tomorrow, so I can't wait to test it out:)

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